The Legacy Society Committee was established in 2012 to help educate people around the Diocese about the importance of planned giving and to assist our parishes in developing planned giving programs.  

Below are the members and their contact information: 

   NAME                                          PARISH                            CONVOCATION                     

Sandy Champion                      St. Thomas’, Savannah                      Savannah                     sjchamp1@gmail.com

Sandra Fletcher                       Christ Church, Valdosta                    Southwest                    sjfletch@valdosta.edu

Harriotte McDannald             St. Luke’s, Hawkinsville                    Central                          hdmcd@hotmail.com

Skip McDannald                      St. Luke’s, Hawkinsville                    Central                         mcdannald@comsouth.net

Jack Orman                               Trinity, Statesboro                             Central                         mjorman@frontiernet.net

Berry Penhallegon                   St. John’s, Bainbridge                        Southwest                    penhall@bellsouth.net

Clayton Penhallegon                St. John’s, Bainbridge                       Southwest                    penhall@bellsouth.net

Paul Salter                                 Christ Church, Frederica                   Southeast                     paul@salter.net

David Saussy (chair)                St. Paul’s, Savannah                         Savannah                      dsaussy24@comcast.net

Dwayne Summar                       St. Paul’s, Albany                               Albany                           dsummar@bellsouth.net

The members of the Committee  can offer guidance as well as additional materials upon request.  Alternatively, the Diocesan staff can provide assistance.  They can be reached on 912.236.4279 or legacysociety@gaepiscopal.org.